SAVE Projects

Boosting Returns on Village Agricultural Investment– Summer 2016

The SAVE vision is to ultimately equip the village farmers so they are able to sustain the church, pastor, clinic, school and wells in which SAVE has invested.  This can be accomplished by sharing God given information for effective crop production, maintaining healthy animals, and preserving the food especially during the rainy season.

Dr. Diane and Peter Dickinson from Shepherd’s Cross, Inc. and Heart of the Shepherd, Inc., Claremore, OK, have successfully helped thousands of farmers in remote areas of the world raise healthy animals and increase crop production.  They will be sharing their wise, Biblical agriculture life skills information alongside the SAVE team with Kenema Vagboi area villagers. Check out their amazing ministry at

Having no electricity, village women will experience and learn “Old Fashion Canning” process in glass jars.  This will allow the preservation of fruit and vegetables from spoiling in three days during the rainy season.   Sterilized, vacuum sealed food will last quite a while.  It can be sold or preserved later for personal use.  No electricity is needed, just the right technique and equipment.

The supplies and equipment are awaiting the SAVE team’s arrival, June 28th, 2016.


Sharing The Gospel in West Africa

With An Academic Emphasis

SAVE’s Executive Director David Musa will be visiting the Gambia, West Africa, this July with Dick and Cathy Gurley of Zionsville Fellowship IN. They will be teaching a number of classes at the Servants of the Word Bible College (SOW) in Banjul, The Gambia, hosted by Steven Musa –Kormayea. Steven is an alumnus of the Sierra Leone Fellowship of Evangelical Students (SLEFES), one of SAVE’s partners in Sierra Leone. As a refugee in Gambia during the Sierra Leone civil war, God used Steven to pioneer the Gambia Fellowship of Evangelical Students (GamFES) around 2000. Steven concentrates on Pastoral, Discipleship, and Church leadership training through the SOW Bible School.

This delightful opportunity is being paired with unique opportunity that came about through David’s contacts with university colleagues in Senegal at the Shiek Diop National University. David has an invitation to present his recently published book, A Confluent of African Traditional Religion and Christianity, at the West African Research Center in Dakar. It is expected that the audience will be predominantly Muslim, creating a huge opportunity for Christian witness and message. The host in Senegal is Prof. Ousmane Pame.